iHELP is a bespoke Social Network and Recovery Platform for a person suffering with Adhd, BiPolar, Suicidal Distress, Self Harm, Eating Disorder, Depression, Psychosis and Anxiety. iHELP allows a person to set up a safe place to connect with professionals, family members and friends to help focus on hope and recovery. A user can create a SafeRoom inside iHELP supported by professionals, family and friends that provides a platform to participate in the design, implementation and management of their Individual Care Plan which allows control of their daily goals and outcome for a recover faster. We’re also a Social Network where you can post about your condition, connect with professionals and friends, get advice, chat with our super friendly community, anytime, anywhere, get support in what you’re going through and give others your advice and support, but most important, know that you’re not alone. Everything is free of charge. We’re here to help. Get in touch at hello@ihelp.group